How the league responded to the Abyssinian crisis

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  • How did the league fail in Abyssinia?
    • Failure to close the Suez Canal
      • Britain and France owned the canal so could of closed it to preventMussolini movingtrrops and supplies to Abyssinia
        • were too worried Mussolini would unite with hitler so tried to keep him on their side
    • trade sanctions against Italy
      • Members of the league were forbidden to sell weapons to Italy but allowed oil and coal to keep good British mining areas with good coal
        • Mussolini later said if coal and oil was banned, the invasion would have stopped as he couldn't fuel his machines
    • The Hoare-laval pact
      • Britain and France sent their foreign ministers Laval and Hoare to make a settlement with Italy
        • In December1935, they met in secret and agreed Italy would be given areas in Abyssinia
          • Abyssinia would be reduced half its size and Italy would gain the fertile areas. The land was not theirs to give and decided it alone
    • Trade sanctions against Abyssinia
      • The league banned members from selling arms to Abyssinia as well as to italy. Abyssinia was left with nothing


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