How the brain acquires new memories

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  • How the Brain Acquires new Memories
    • Key Brain Regions
      • Hippocampus
        • Staresina & Davachi (2009). Combined, spatial discontiguous or spatiotemporally discontiguous.
          • The spatiotemporally condition showed the most hippocampaldemands.
            • Perirhinal cortex shows subsequent memory effects for object recognition
      • PFC
        • Otten et al (2009). LoP task. Activity in left IFG for SME for the deep condition rather than shallow.
          • Blumenfeld and Ranganath 2007) PFC shows greater activity when items successfully remembered, not when forgotten
      • Parietalcortex
        • Uncapher et al (2009). Dorsal parietal recruited for remembered items (top down attention). Increased ventral parietalactivity for forgotten items.
    • Models of memory acquistion
      • Learning and memory in aplasia
      • Maze learningmice
      • Eye blink conditioning in rabbits
      • Hand-eye coordination in monkeys
      • Spatial navigation in taxidrivers.
    • How to study memory encoding
      • Subsequent memory paradigm: record activation for words remembered vs words forgotten. DDM = R - F
    • Pattern seperation: Seperate disctinct items that make up a memory
    • Pattern completion: partial activation reactivates the pattern of activity that occurred when experienced an episode.
    • Brain Oscillations
      • Gamma(40Hz)
        • Markram et al (1997). The increase in coplingbetween cells when stimulated simultaneouslyStimulating in gamma range achieves greater degree of LTp.
          • Sederberg et al (2008). Intracranial EEG. Patients show gamma activity in hippocampus for subsequently remembered items.
            • Jutras et al., (2009) Monkeys show more recognition of an item through eye gaze also show high gammaactivity in hippocampus.
              • Fell et al., 2001). Higher gamma synchrony between rhinal cortex and hippocampus for later remembered vs forgotten items.
      • Theta (4 Hz)
        • John O Keefe. Coherence between place cell activity and LFP activity for animals that were aware of a particular place.
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