How does plato's rationalism compare to aristotles empiricism

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  • How does Plato's rationalism compare to Aristotle's Empiricism?
    • Plato
      • Gain knowledge through reason
      • Constant change cant give us true knowledge
      • A wise man is one who has spent time in contemplation and lives in a way that is withdrawn from everyday world
    • Aristotle
      • Gain knowledge through senses and experience
        • We cant picture colours if we haven't seen them before
      • Wise man is someone who has travelled and lived widely
    • Both reason and experience can be used together to gain knowledge
    • Rationalist might argue reason is more important
      • As our senses can mislead us
        • If we use the logical process of reason  we can be much more certain of our conclusions
        • Put a pencil in water it goes bent, this is what we see
          • reason tells us that we can not bend pencils with water
    • Empiricist might argue that experience is superior to reason
      • Reason is very limited unless it has experiences to provide it with information
        • I cant tell that it is raining from my reason, I need to look


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