How did the role of prisons change?

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  • How did the role of prisons change?
    • Why did the use of prisons increase?
      • the use of the Bloody Code decreased
      • concerns about transportation
    • Views of prisons
      • an opportunity to change or rehabilitate a person who had committed a crime.
      • a prison term should deter others from crime
      • sentences should involve hard work to pay society back.
      • prison made society safer by separating the criminals from everyone else
    • Hard labour
      • treadwheel
        • 8 hours a day with only 5 minute breaks every 10 minutes
        • had separate booths - no communication
        • wheels generate water
    • John Howard
      • outraged by the conditions in Bedfordshire gaol
      • concerned that some prisons were detained
      • Tours other prisons looking for goo examples to remodel the goal
      • believes criminals will change their ways if given a reasonable standard of living
      • made visits to individual gaolers around the county to persuade them to improve their policies
    • Elizabeth Fry
      • Teaches sewing and leads Bible classes
      • Aged 18, starts doing charity work
      • visits Newgate and sees how its overcrowded
      • organises prison education for women and children
      • Helps female wardens
      • helps set up association for the Reformation of Female Prisoners


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