How did Stalin maintain power?

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    • Not the Purges but in the timeline
      • Established as Vozhd in 1929
      • Instruments of control
        • 1933-1934
        • Centralised all law enforcement agencies under the NKVD which he controlled
      • The Stalin Enrolment
        • 1934
        • People owed him their positions in the party
      • Stalin Constitution
        • 1936
        • No classes and a guaruntee of basic freedom
        • Partty members could do what they liked
    • Purges
      • Rykov's 1932 execution gave him motive
      • Post-Kirov purges
        • Filled influential positions with his supporters
      • Great Purge
        • End of Bolshevik opposition
        • Kamanev and Zinoviev killed in 1936
        • Bukharin, Ryutin and Tomsky executed in 1938
      • Purge of the Armed Forces
        • 1937
        • Supporters within the army
        • Cost him greatly as it led to a poor army
      • Yezhovschina
        • Forced Five-Year Plans through labour camps
        • Avoided the blame by blaming Yezhov
        • 1937-1938
    • Nomenklatura
      • Gained priviledge from working with Stalin
    • Totalitarianism
      • Tsardom was already a one-ruler political structure so the people were used to it
      • Democratic centralism
      • Seen as the state in human form
      • Command economy led to complete state control
    • Cult of Personality
      • Propaganda
        • Shakespeare and Einstein were Russian
        • Russians found America
      • Konsomol (Communist Youth) meant he had young supporters
      • His picture was carried at processions
    • Foreign Policy
      • Encouraged resistance to Japan and avoided occupation
      • Wasn't seen well outside of Russia
        • Anti-Comintern Pact
        • 1938 Munich Agreement
      • Didn't get collective security against Germany through the League of Nations
      • Nazi-Soviet Pact meant that Russia regained lost territories


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