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  • How are women presented in Dracula?
    • Mina Murray
      • Chapter 5:Mina constantly changes the subject of her letters to Lucy about Jonathan
        • She is the liminal character in the novel she crosses the threshold of old and new woman
          • Oscillates between the ideal maternal figure and then the 'new woman' in chapter 16 she if referred to as gliding light for the group
            • Shows traits of this new woman by "writing whenever she feels inclined" also journaling was considered extremely masculine
        • "Mothers spirit" Quincey has his head on Minas chest shows maternal instincts of wanting to take care of him also gives the boys cups of tea
      • Mina bitten by Dracula out of revenge for the men as they all care about her
        • She goes grey and pale, the men are so interested in the situation with Dracula none of them notice
    • Lucy Westenra
      • Human Lucy has this fear of the patriarchy but contrasts this by wanting to marry three men
        • Froyd's Madonna whore complex men actually want to marry these innocent maternal like women
        • "why cant a girl marry three men?"
    • Vampire Lucy
      • Shows this uncanny maternal interest towards children (eating them)
        • Sexual id and has this uncontrollable eroticism
        • Tempts all the men when she is turning into her true vampire form "voluptuous red lips"
      • Lucy in vampire form is almost a punishment for her impurity
    • The Three Vampire Women
      • Presented as the objects of desire in the novel
      • All vampire women seem to have the same description of "voluptuous lips" they are being sexualized
      • Shows this clear divide of fear and desire
    • The Transylvania Locals
      • Idea that sensible women should be listened to but Jonathan chooses to ignore her
      • Landlady pleading him not to go and handing him the crucifix


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