The Handmaid's Tale & Feminine Gospels LINKS

Thematic links between Gospels and Handmaid's incl. quotes.


Black - Handmaid's

Red - Poems

Green - Analysis



"No one read [bibles] very much"

"They didn't say for they shall inherit the earth"

"Maybe not..." (The Virgin's Memo)

"The unicorn's lovely" (The Virgin's Memo)

Persona is angry at the higher power, as is Offred

"No prayers written to bless you" (White Writing)

"I write them in white" (White Writing)

Demonstrates the control and utilisation of religion, and how it can be manipulated by higher powers

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Suppression of Women

"Women [were] on their own, making up their minds"


"What I must present is a made thing"

"Something that defines us so completely"

"My breasts bandaged" (Sub)

"Motherhood then kept me busy at home" (Sub)

"The diet worked like a dream" (The Diet)

Suppressed by men and the social expectations put in place by the men in power

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Liberation of Women

"I could kill you, you know"

"Moira was our fantasy"

"Moira shrugs. 'Whats the point?'

"A small hop for me" (Sub)

"You have laughed this great school into the ground" (Stafford Girls)

Women have the power to make a change, however small

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"Spaces between us so we could not talk"

"It's the red dress she disaproves of"

"She lived down south, abroad..." (The Map Woman)

Has no real home or place in society

"The Long Queen couldn't die" (Long Queen)

Isolated by her role in society that she didn't ask for

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"Its a lack of love we die from"

"Freedom, like everything else, is relative"

"The girls had been kept indoors at break" (Stafford Girls)

"Taller was aloner, colder, no wiser" (Tall)

Longing for love and freedom

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"My name is Offred. I have another name no one uses anymore because it's forbidden"

"The colour of blood which defines us"

"Two legged wombs"

"What was she queen of?" (Long Queen)

"Her skirts were glass doors, opening and closing" (The Woman who Shopped)

Defined by what they do, people around them only see them as cogs in society's machine 

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"Commander's Wife"


"Motherhood kept me busy at home" (Sub)

"Every other mother's son swore to be true to her" (Beautiful)

Women defined by their relationship to men, always controlled by them

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