Hot Desert Environments

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  • Hot Desert Environments
    • Desert Environments
      • Evaporation exceeds precipitation
      • Can occur in hot and cold areas of the world
      • Frosted sand grains
      • High sphericity, well sorted grains
      • Large scale cross stratification
      • Saltation up shallower slope and avalanching down steeper slope
    • Wadis
      • The bed or valley of a stream in regions that is usually dry except during the rainy season
      • Heavy rainfall = Flash flood
      • Often forms an Oasis
      • Poorly sorted conglomerates with sub-rounded grains if transported several times
      • Brief transport means angular grains
      • Desert conditions can lead to red coating of oxidised iron minerals on grains
    • Playa Lake
      • Only present at certain times of the year = Ephemeral
      • Evaporite minerals are a concentration of weathering products that have been left behind
      • Desiccation cracks, ripple marks and salt pseudomorphs


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