Marine enviroment

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  • Marine environments
    • Beach (shallow marine)
      • Sand grains are regularly picked up and transported by waves and this makes them well sorted. Rounded grains due to attrition. Bi-directional movement of water by tides leads to the formation of symmetrical ripple marks.
    • Barred basins
      • A basin is a by with a restricted entrance. In hot, arid conditions, water evaporates from the basin, drawing more water in through the narrow channel at the entrance.
    • Turbidity currents. Deposition on the abyssal plane takes place from turbidity currents. Sediments brought to the sea by rivers accumulates on the continental shelf. An earthquake causes the material to slip down the continental slope = turbidity current. The coarser grains are deposited first. As the current loses energy, finer grains settles out. Graded bedding is common as the coarse particles set out faster than finer particles. Flute casts (hollows eroded by turbidity currents) are found at the base of the bed. The thickness of the deposits changes as they get thinner with distance across the abyssal plain. Grain size decreases away from the source of the sediment as fine sediment can be carried further.


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