All of the names of the hormones and their functions

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  • Hormones
    • Testosterone
      • Trigger the male sex organs.
    • FSH
      • stimulates the production of oestrogen
      • Matures the eggs
    • Oestrogen
      • stops further production of FSH
      • Develop female sex organs
      • Thickens womb lining
    • Progesterone
      • Prepairs for conception, ovulation and pregnancy
      • Prepairs the usterus
    • HCG
      • Produced by placenta after fertilisation
      • Simulates the ovaries to produce higher levels of oestrogen and progesterone to sistain the pregnancy
    • Oxytocin
      • Makes the uterus contract during labor and birht
    • Prolactin
      • Controlls milk production
    • LH
      • Stimulates the release of an egg


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