Prfe-conceptual care-planning for a baby

The points to consider before getting pregnant

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lifestyle- limitations of time and money you have to spend on yourselves and others.

body- affects that pregnancy and delivery could have on the body

money- finances have to be spent on necessities and the baby's needs

time- less time for yourself and your partner, friends etc...

relationship- new stresses and strains will be placed on your relationship

health- you need to consider your health as well as the baby which may mean giving up things you enjoy i.e. alcohol

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hormone- a chemical released in to the blood stream that has a specific effect on the body

Hormones- male and female

male- testosterone

female-oestrogen and progesterone

Hormones assist healthy reproduction

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For a couple to reproduce they need to conceive, that is they need conception to take place.

Conception- when a man's sperm has fertilised a woman's egg.

Fertilisation the process of the sperm entering the ovum ( the woman's egg).

You should learn the female and male reproductive organs!

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