Im the king of the castle - Hooper

King of the castle

Edmund Hooper

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  • Hooper
    • Isolated
      • In his own mind
        • Drawing battle plans
          • Happy with his own company
            • Hostile to Kingshaw
      • Distant relationship with his father
      • No friends
        • Own choice
          • Hostile to Kingshaw
    • Violent
      • Bullies Kingshaw
        • Scardey baby
      • Takes pleasure from violence
    • Fears
      • Storms
      • Lost in the woods
      • I am never afraid
    • Evil
      • Lack of conscience
        • shows no scruples about the suffering he inflicts
          • And a spurt of triumph went through him (when he knew Kingshaw had killed himself because of him)
      • His motives aren't defined, making his behaviour all the more evil as we can not understand their source
        • Malevolent (a wish to do evil to others)
          • Seeks pleasure from making Kingshaw so unhappy
    • Power
      • I'll go first because I'm the leader
      • The idea that it was his pleased him
      • I know everything
      • Controls people
        • Kingshaws actions (life)
        • Manipulates the adults into believing he is a sweet child
    • Sympathy?
      • Broken family
        • Shown little warmth


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