"I'm the King of the Castle" Page-by-Page Summary

A grid summarising virtually every page. Key events highlighted in red. Page numbers also given.

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Ed ActonSusan HillIGCSE English Literature
I'm the King of the Castle - Key Events
Event Page
E.H. Grandmother Dies 1
Move to Warings 1
E.H. Grandfather Dies 1
E.H. Banished from Red Room 2
J.H wants E.H. to be proud of family legacy 4
J.H show E.H. Red Room + "Valuable collection" 6
E.H. Picks up moth and it crumples 8
J.H looking forward to Kingshaws' arrival 9
Kingshaws' arrival 10
E.H. Jealous of K.S. arrival ­ HIS HOUSE 11
E.H and K.S fist fight ­ E.H wins 14
E.H. boasts about Warings 18
K.S. considers tripping up E.H. - too scared 19
K.S. starts exploring on his own 20
K.S. attacked by Crow in cornfield (E.H. sees and 21-23
teases K.S.)
K.S. always accepts dares + Turville pool 25
Fake crow incident 27
Toy in cereal packet ­ E.H. "allows" K.S. to have it. 28
Parents think they are getting on.
E.H. "invites" K.S. into Red Room 29
K.S. terrified of moths 30
E.H. locks K.S. in Red Room 31
E.H. and J.H on train 36
Flashback: J.H childhood similar to E.H.'s 37
K.S. Meets J.H 38-39
K.S. + E.H. play bagatelle 40
E.H discovers "K.S.'s" doll room 41
E.H. goes through K.S.'s things 42
E.H. discovers K.S.'s plan to escape 43
Mrs. K.S. and J.H. plan outing to London 46
K.S. prepares for escape/gathers supplies 48
K.S. Escapes 50
Approaches Hang Wood 51
Flashback ­ Warts + Unpopularity 54-55
Inside Hang Wood 56-109
Hooper finds K.S. in Hang Wood ­ "slithering noise" 58
­ evil (N.B. constant power switch between K.S. and
K.S. thirsty 61
E.H. leads deer hunt ­ K.S. wants to leave 64
Thunder ­ E.H v. scared ­ K.S. takes lead 68-70
Nobody brought water - argument 71

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Ed ActonSusan HillIGCSE English Literature
Dead rabbit ­ life after death argument 72-74
E.H. falls down slope and finds water ­ Lost in 74-76
Hang Wood
K.S. swims. Flashback: Turville and pool 78-79
K.S. over-authoritative ­ E.H. sinister... 81-82
Lost ­ E.H. breakdown + sick 84-85
K.S. discovers E.H. bloody in stream 89
"Kill you" threat from E.H. post-recovery 92
E.H. boasts about how father buys him everything 93
- £50 watch...
K.S. catches fish ­ leaves it to die 94
Mother vs.…read more

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Ed ActonSusan HillIGCSE English Literature
K.S. unwilling to visit E.H. in hospital 146
Flashback: Fenwick + cut leg ­ K.S. tries to help 147-148
K.S. refuses to buy E.H. present. Tells Mrs. K.S. that 149
he hates E.H.
K.S. uses E.H.'s puzzle + puts it back. Mrs K.S. bad 150
K.S. discovers chapel + prays for E.H.'s recovery 151
K.S. meets Fielding in chapel 152-154
K.S. and F play warships 154
K.S. and F watch calving ­ K.S.…read more


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