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Ed ActonSusan HillIGCSE English Literature

I'm the King of the Castle - Key Events
Event Page
E.H. Grandmother Dies 1
Move to Warings 1
E.H. Grandfather Dies 1
E.H. Banished from Red Room 2
J.H wants E.H. to be proud of family legacy 4
J.H show E.H. Red…

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Ed ActonSusan HillIGCSE English Literature

Dead rabbit ­ life after death argument 72-74
E.H. falls down slope and finds water ­ Lost in 74-76
Hang Wood
K.S. swims. Flashback: Turville and pool 78-79
K.S. over-authoritative ­ E.H. sinister... 81-82
Lost ­ E.H. breakdown + sick 84-85
K.S. discovers E.H. bloody…

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Ed ActonSusan HillIGCSE English Literature

K.S. unwilling to visit E.H. in hospital 146
Flashback: Fenwick + cut leg ­ K.S. tries to help 147-148
K.S. refuses to buy E.H. present. Tells Mrs. K.S. that 149
he hates E.H.
K.S. uses E.H.'s puzzle + puts it back. Mrs K.S. bad 150…


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