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  • Quotes for I'm the King of the Castle
    • Hooper
      • "I didn't want you to come here" (piece of paper first thing he says to Kingshaw)
      • "Something is going to happen to you" (Last thing Hooper says to Kingshaw - written on paper before Kingshaw's suicide)
      • "What are you scared of, are you scared of dead things?" (Show their different attitudes the death and that Hooper tried to incite fear by touching on Kingshaw's past experiences)
      • "… It was because of me, I did that, it was because me, and a spurt of triumph went through him." (Shows his cruelty and complete lack of remorse).
      • "He was fascinated by them, excited" (Hooper's fascination with the moths in the Red Room - suggesting  a fascination with death}
    • Mrs Kingshaw
      • "They're both getting along so well" (Example of ignorance of the situation in hand)
      • "We'll really see the friendship cemented" (Deluding herself about their relationship)
      • "You can't be trusted can you"(Mistrust of her son to demonstrate no bias between the boys)
      • "Now, its alright, Edmund dear, everything is all right." (Shows the extent of her self - delusion - comforting Hooper, who is responsible for her son's death)
      • "Do not spoil everything for me" (Shows her prioritisation of her own over her son's interests)
    • Kingshaw
      • "He hated the voice she put on for talking about Hooper …" (Shows his emotional seperatenessfrom his mother)
      • "I don't know anyone or anything" (Shows his isolation)
      • Every time Kingshaw feels hopeless, he thinks of Fielding and everything’s going to be alright because ‘there was Fielding, that was all’.
      • "..he isn't going to make him prove it, he just believes him … that's the way you should be …" (envies Fielding's self-confidence and the effect it has on Hooper)
    • Mr Hooper
      • "He knew that he had failed to ingratiate himself with Edmund" (Mr Hooper recognising his failures  in the upbringing of his son - though not doing anything to correct these).
      • "I am not to blame" (Shows him failing to take any responsibility for his son's problems.  Elsewhere he  seeks of pass blame to his own father)
      • "Warings my place in the country" - it would make up for a good deal" (On Mr Hooper's inadequacy)
    • Fielding
      • Fielding told him not to take Hooper seriously because ‘he can’t do anything to you’.
      • "I'm not frightened of much" - Fielding's honesty and natural self-confidence.


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