Unit One - Home Business

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  • Home Business
    • Online Shopping
      • Advantage - wide range of goods, shopping can be done from home, read customer reviews
      • Disadvantage - several day wait for delivery, can't touch or smell goods, credit card details will be shared
    • Booking Online
      • The person will need to input data about the number of seats they want, time and date, their details and card details
      • Advantage - no double-booking, fast response to queries, online discounts
      • Disadvantage - booking agencies could close down, you must have a card, not everyone has the facilities
    • A computer network is a number of computers that are connected together by cable or the telephone network
    • A uniform resource locator (URL) is a unique address where a website can be found




I love you for all the ICT mindmaps! they help me so much so thank you for them! <3

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