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Server (File/Web/Database) - Function
Stores and provides files; uploads and distributes web pages to the Internet; provides database services
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Backup storage - Definition
Storing data on a removable device/cloud storage
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Firewall - Function
Protects networks from intrusion
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Connected via a network so that others can use them
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Network infrastructure - Example
Ethernet cabling, fibre-optic cabling
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LAN - Definition
Local Area Network: operate over a small area
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POS system - Components
Point Of Sale system: Barcode scanner, Chip-and-PIN card readers, customer displays, keyboards/touchscreeen, printers, EPOS processor unit
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Tickets - Types
Theatre-printed, print-at-home, QR code ticket
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Operating System - Functions
Memory management, peripherals, application software, GUI, Hardware/software installation, file management
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Utility software - Examples
Virus protection, firewalls
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Provide starting points for application documents
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Word processing - Uses
Letters, memos, agendas, reports
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Desktop publishing - Uses
Posters and flyers, leaflets, brochures, magazines, business cards, tickets
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Image editing techniques - Examples
Crop, resize, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue/colourise, colour balance
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Image formats - Examples
.gif, .jpeg, .png, .tiff
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Web design - How
HTML code
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Spreadsheets - Uses
Data modelling, data manipulation, graphical presentation, analysis for decision-making
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Spreadsheets - Advantages
Easily shared, templates, data and graphs
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Databases - Operations
Add data, edit data, delete data, organise data, share data
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Databases - Components
Tables, forms, reports, queries
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Queries - Function
Retrieves specific data
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Reports - Function
Outputs information from a query
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Applications - Examples
Web browser, email manager, presentation software
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Integrated Box-Office Software
Administration, marketing and CRM, ticket scanning, reporting, security, store theatre and show data, store customer data, ticket sales and management
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Collection of Customer Personal Data
Customer registration for online sales/sales at kiosk, newsletter subscriptions, telephone purchases
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Collection of Customer Sales Data
login for purchase online/at kiosk, going to/phoning the box office
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Administration - Tasks
Managing shows, managing reporting, managing user accounts
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Ticket scanning - Benefits
Can scan QR or barcodes, quick, more than one scanner can be used via WiFi, displays successful/duplicated scans, can scan without Internet connection, can report number of people entering the theatre
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What is web 1.0?
read only web, primary function was in publishing information
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What is web 2.0?
Supports participation by customers and members of the general public
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Dynamic web content - why is it needed?
Customers can purchase tickets online, or they can join a mailing list so they are kept up to date
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How is social media used?
Social bookmarking, RSS (really simple syndication), Embedding video, Blogging and social networking
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Why do they promote social media?
Content can be kept up to date, provide links to blogs, cheap form of advertising, embed videos
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What pages are needed for the website?
Home page, Events, Media, Location, News, Education, Login, Friends, Contact us.
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Benefits to the theatre using a website
Online purchasing is more efficient, Larger market, Up to date details, Adverts produced faster
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Benefits to the customer using a website
service is available 24/7, no queues, up to date details are available, update contact details online
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Encryption - definition
the process of coding files before transmission. It ensures that the information is only readable by the person who has the encryption key.
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How is security improved by using HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure)
The data is encrypted
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Ticket delivery options
By post, Print at home
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What are the disadvantages to postal tickets?
Additional cost for delivery, danger that tickte might get lost.
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What are the advantages to print at home tickets?
If lost they can be printed again, no postage delay
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What is the disadvantage to using print at home tickets?
Customer needs a working printer
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QR Codes - definition
are a type of barcode that can normally be scanned or read from a smart phone to direct a user to a link or website
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What can QR codes take the user to?
Websites, emails, text, phone numbers, video or audio clips.
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Steps in QR code creation
Find software, create it, test, track and analyse
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QR Codes - text file - how is it useful?
Give details of current shows, include pricing and showing times
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QR Codes - Website - how is it useful?
linked web page can include more detail than a poster; and bookmarked/ viewed later
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QR Codes - Video/Audio - how is it useful?
Clip could promote material for a specific show, clips of actors etc.
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QR Codes - Email - how is it useful?
When QR code is scanned, email is sent to user. Ad - users save email address for future
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Advantages of QR codes
Eay to make, boost traffic for the website, get feedback, people sign up,, route people to social media
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Disadvantages to QR codes
Not heavily used at the moment, user needs suitable technology
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Self Service Kiosk - definition
is a device that provides the general public with access to products and services
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Booking tickets process
Choose show, Choose seats, Confirm booking, Ticket printing option, booking reference
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E-Ticket - definition
is stored as an electronic file, which is downloaded to a mobile device such as a phone. Simply presented when required
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E-Ticket - benefit to environment
Conserve scarce sources by not using paper
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E-Ticket - benefit to customer
people take smartphones everywhere, customer is not likely to mislay or forget to take it
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E-Ticket - benefit to theatre
Cost savings by not having to print tickets, also more difficult to forge a ticket
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Self service kiosks - benefits to theatre
More efficient to theatre- don't need staff. Up to date details of shows
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Self service kiosks - benefits to customer
No queues, up to date details, customers chose where their ticket is sent
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Limitations to self service kiosks
Customer support, customer interaction
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Task of the Producer
Controls the finance, finds the actors and other team membersq
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Task of the Artistic Director
Involved in planning and production of the show, develops overall programme, designs lighting, sound, scene etc.
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Task of the Stage Management Team
Responsible for irecting each performance, use notes, timings and communiate with staff for scene changes
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Task of the Production Team
Coordinate the staging and technical requierments
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Task of the Technical Department
Responsible for safe use of equipment, lighting, sound effects etc.
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Planning a show
Task breakdown, Team allocation, Scheduling, Monitoring and Reporting
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Critical Path Analysis - definition
used to chart all of the project tasks, each timescale and any dependency between the tasks
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Gantt Chart - definition
a representation of an overall project schedule as a bar chart displaying all the tasks and activities involved
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Gantt chart - advantages
Show a project time frame and order, graphical view of tasks, can be printed
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Gantt chart - disadvantages
Can be hard to understand, large or complex systems cannot be shown on one monitor
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Project planning software - definition
used to help with the palnning, scheduling and management of complex projects
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Milestones - definition
Used to indicate the end of key tasks within a project
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Deadline - definition
the date by which a milestone must be completed
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How is software management software presented?
Desktop, Web based, Collaborative, Integrated
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Copyright, Design and Patents act 1988
This act makes it illegal to copy software or use unlicensed software as well as copying music, literature, text or images
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Data Protection Act 1998
The DPA was introduced to give rights to people who have data about them stored on computer systems
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Electronic Commerce (EU Directive) Regulations 2002
Covers a range of online activities and apply to organisations that sell goods or services on the Internet or by email
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Software licensing
They must ensure that the software they use is fully licensed and not a pirated copy
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Copying images/photographs
Have their own or have permission from the owner to use it, all images e.g website, posters etc.
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Copying text
Do not copy text form other websites and pass it as their own
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Single User License
Allows the user to load this software package onto only one machine
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Multi-User License
Installation on several machines, and loaded onto company network
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Site License
Software is available to everyone with network access at the same time
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Data Controller - definition
The group or person that collects and keeps the data about people
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Data Subject - definition
A person who as data stored about them
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Information Commisioner - definition
The authority that enforces the rules of the DPA
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EC regulations 2002
Trading name, geograpgical address, contact details, supervising authority, VAT number
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Where an email marketing approach is unsolicited
subject line must contain info so user does not have to open it, email arketers must respect any opt out registers
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Storing data on a removable device/cloud storage


Backup storage - Definition

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Connected via a network so that others can use them


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