Holy Sonnet III

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  • Holy Sonnet III
    • O might those sighs and tears return again/ Into my breast and eyes, Which I have spent,
      • starts with despair
      • typical petrarchan imagery
      • image of a debtor
    • That I might in this holy discontent/ Mourn with some fruit, as I have mourned in vain;
      • holy/wholey
      • wished he had something to take away from this - some pleasure
    • In mine idolatry what showers of rain/ Mine eyes did waste? What griefs my heart did rent?
      • his sins were painful
      • rhetorical questions add a sense of pointlessness
      • rent refers to heart being torn apart
    • That sufferance was my sin I now repent;/ Because I did suffer, I must suffer pain.
      • repetition of suffering closes him in
      • ideolising a woman
    • Th'hydroptic drunkard and night-scouting thief, The itchy lecher and self-tickling proud/ Have the rememberance of past joys for relief/ Of coming ills.
      • at least they enjoyed their sins
      • they can say they achieved something
      • images of movement - quite comic - is he seriously upset?
      • the volta
    • To (poor) me is allowed/ No ease; for long yet vehement grief hath been/ Th'effect and cause, the punishment and sin.
      • comic self pity
      • never ending suffering - closed images ideas of negative completion
    • typical love conceits but absence of specific bodies.


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