Hofesh Shechter

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  • How has Hofesh Shechter contributed to the Independent  Contemporary Dance Scene?
    • Movement
      • Gaga New Technique is evident in his works
        • New technique to British Contemporary Dance Scene - exciting and intriguing for British Audiences
        • Gaga Technique - Helps dancers raise physical awareness by focusing on the rhythm of their bodies and letting them direct their movement.
        • Provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina and agility while lightening the senses and imagination.
      • Totality
        • Every instruction you give to your body will be applied to the whole of it.
      • Energy & Emotion
        • Connecting to the sensation, concentrating on the feeling rather than the physical aspect.
        • Improvisation helps to find energy & emotion - having the confidence to go with your energy in response to the music
      • Groove & Rhythm
        • 'Feeling the groove' is finding the most natural, harmonious and positive way of moving - movement led by pleasure and enjoyment
      • Floorwork
        • Fluidity - naturally finding a way in and out of the floor, concentrating on the continuity of the movement
    • Exposure to wider audience
      • Theatre & Film productions
        • 'The Arsonists' (2007) , 'Saint Juan (2007) , Moretown (2006)
        • Choreographer for new production 'Fiddler on The Roof' (2016)
        • Expands publicity - drawing attention to his unique style
      • Choreographed for big ballet companies
        • Royal Ballet (2015) , Ballet Basel (2016)
        • Style is contrasting with ballet - audiences get a new insight to other styles, more publicity
      • TV Production
        • Choreographed opening dance 'Maxxies dance', Season 2, Episode 1 of 'Skins' on Channel 4.
          • Mainstream television - more publicity, range of audiences
          • 'Skins' was popular to young audiences at the time - educating them for the new generation of dancers
      • Workshops in schools and colleges with Hofesh Shechter Dance Company
        • Educating younger generation - explaining and showing the unique style of the company
    • Social, Historical, Political Links
      • Social
        • One of Shechter's most characteristic themes is puzzling over the mechanism of state and society
        • In every dance work - makes the audience question society
        • Upbringing in intense social climate - had to do 2 years of military service at 18.
      • Historical
        • Shechter dares his audience to rethink the history of the world.
      • Cultural
        • Dance works are driven by his Israeli background
        • Accepting of a range of cultures at Hofesh Dance Company
    • Political statements
      • Usually a theme in his dance works
        • SUN (2013) - The idea of society copying each other. Everyone in society are sheep, they follow the crowd and do exactly what they are told
        • Political Mother (2010) - The idea of power in society and the oppression caused by cruelty and unjust treatment
          • The sense of belongings individuals have and how it treats nationalism within countries.
      • Shechter was born during a tense political environment
        • High military influence in the area at the time
        • Brings personal experience to his works - audiences get an insight to cultures and other encounters that haven't been encountered


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