Hitlers Aims

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  • Hitlers Aims
    • Abolish ToV
      • Believed Treaty was unjust, hated Treaty
      • Called German leaders who signed it 'The November Criminals'
      • Constant reminder of their defeat and humiliation by allies
      • Terms Hitler hated: Germanys armed forces to be severly limited
      • Rhineland demilitarised zone
      • Germany forbidden to unite with Austria
      • Sudentanland to Czechoslovaki a
      • Polish corridor to Poland
    • Lebensraum
      • ToV taken away territory from Ger, wanted Ger to unite with Austria, empire in eastern Europe
    • Defeat Communism
      • Hitler was anti communist and believed tehy wanted to take over Ger
    • Grossdeutschland
      • United Ger speaking people in German Reich (empire)
        • By annexing Austria, taking territory from Poland and Czechoslovakia
    • Rearmament
      • Had been forced to reduce. Hitler wanted strong military power




The abreviations aren't necessary 

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