The Big Three

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  • The Big Three
    • Woodrow Wilson, President of the USA
      • Comes up with 'Fourteen Points' for a 'stable peace',
      • Suggests international disarmament.
      • Doesn't want humiliation for Germany.
      • Wants to set up a 'League of Nations'.
      • Wants to prevent war in the future.
    • David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister
      • Doesn't want to treat Germany harshly.
      • Pressured by the British people to punish Germany.
      • Wants the German navy taken away.
      • Opposed to the French taking the Rhineland.
    • Georges Clemenceau
      • Wants Germany to pay for the damage done to France.
      • Insists on disarmament of Germany.
      • Wants Alsace, Lorraine and the Rhineland returned to France
      • Aims to weaken Germany


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