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  • History -1929
    • The great depression
      • What happened: Began in the US after the fall in the stock markets worldwide news went out in october aswell know as black tuesday.
      • Cause; The wall street crash the us stock markets crashed leading on a depression known as the great depresson.
      • Effects:
        • less children could afford to attend and work in schools
        • forming of hoovervilles
        • Rapid increase in crime rate.
        • Stavation and illness increase
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      • October 29th 1929
    • Wall street crash
      • What happened: The American stock markets crashed with the jobs of thousands along with their homes.
      • Cause: The stock markets fell and investing was high at the time when the stock markets crashed.
      • Effects:
        • soup cafes were open to all for those who could not afford food for family as it was impossible to find jobs.
        • people could not afford home and became homeless
        • no  jobs meant no money equal no food
      • September -October 24 1929 (Also known as Black tuesday)
      • when america sneezes the whole world gets a cold.


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