Henry VIII religion

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  • Henry VIII and religion
    • The Great Matter
      • By 1520's it was clear Catherine was not able to produce a male heir.
      • Anne Boleyn, who Henry had fallen in love with, would only bear his child if they married.
      • Cardinal Wolsey was given the job of securing an annulment between Catherine and Henry.
      • After Wolsey could not persuade the pope to grant Henry an annulment, he fell out of favor with the king.
      • Wolsey was later branded a traitor and was arrested, he died shortly before his trial of natural causes.
      • The great matter was Henry's catalyst and excuse for beginning the English split from Rome.
    • Changes in the structure of the church
      • Henry was made head of the church, replacing the pope (act of supremacy 1534)
      • Spiritual jurisdiction remained with Bishops and archbishops.
      • Cromwell was also appointed Vice regent in spirituals in 1534 which made him second in the hierarchy of the church.
    • Dissolution of the monasteries
      • Dissolution of monasteries began shortly after the act of supremacy.
      • Act of the dissolution of the lesser onasteries was passed in 1536.
        • Monasteries which had an income of less than £200 were dissolved.
        • The act caused the pilgrimage of grace rebellion. The rebellion however, only led to further an expansion of the dissolution's.
      • Act of the dissolution of the larger monasteries (1539), dissolved any remaining monasteries.
      • This was finalized in 1540, when Henry dissolved all religious houses.
      • The dissolution increased revenue for the crown and became a major income source for Henry's military campaigns in the 1540's.
    • Changes in religious doctrine
      • Act of ten articles (1536) effectively established the relationship between Protestantism and Catholicism.
      • Act of six articles was a more conservative doctrine that accepted transubstanti-ation and denying it was classed as heresy.
      • By 1547, Church services remained the same, communion services remained in Latin.
        • Church parishes however had to have an English bible on them


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