henry viii overview

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  • Henry VIII
    • Economic Development
      • Trade generally increases throughout the reign
      • The population can feed themselves but no more than that
      • Henry had no interest in exploration
    • Society
      • The closing of the monasteries had a big impact on general person
      • The Pilgrimage of Grace was when rebels demanded a series of requests through the Pontefract Articles
      • Many problems were due to regional issues
    • Foreign Policy
      • Lots of money on war
      • Field of the cloth of gold happened in 1520 that had lots of money for no reason
      • Treaty of Greenwich: Mary and Edward have a promise to get married
      • Treaty of Cambrai: isolates England
    • Government
      • Wolsey's 'reign' saw the start of the Star Chamber and the Court of Chancery
      • Cromwell's 'reign' saw the break from Rome via imperial jurisdiction
      • Concillar government continues when they both fall from grace
    • Religion and Reform
      • The church is corrupt because of saints bones, cloth, and the true cross
      • Henry wanted to break from Rome because he needed to get a divorce
      • Closing of the monasteries in the acts of dissolution
      • Changes to the doctrine in the ten articles then the six articles


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