Henry VIII- Pilgrimage of Grace

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  • Causes
    • Pilgrimage of Grace
      • Events
        • 10th October- rebellion begins, 10,000 men by 16th
        • 19th- took control of Pontefract Castle and Hull, risk for imports
        • 11th October- North Riding of Yorkshire rejoins rebellion with Lord Latimer and Sir Christopher Derby, captured Barnard Castle
        • October 16th- rebellion in Westmorland, 19th- marched to Carlisle to get to join, 21st besieged Skipton
        • 23rd- Norfolk and 8,000 men met and agreed to meet on 27th at Pontefract
        • 6th December- met again for king's pardon, rebels went home on 8th
        • Sir Francis Bigod and John Hallam captured Scarborough and Hull after suspicion
      • Support
        • 30,000 rebels
        • 3 extra weeks of planning due to Norfolk still dealing with Lincolnshire
        • Norfolk brought 8,000 men, rebels outnumbered them
        • few hundred joined Bigod
        • Robert Aske, leader
        • Lord Darcey, Lord Latimer, Sir Christopher Derby
        • famers, peasants, commoners, nobility, gentry
      • Outcome
        • rebels were defeated
        • 144 executed as warning from Henry
    • Lincolnshire was a trigger
    • Dissolution of monasteries, Henry's policies
    • fear of taxation, 1534 Subsidy
    • social impact of dissolution and fear of church looting


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