Henry VIII: Foreign Policy

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  • Henry VIII: Foreign policy
    • Spain
      • Damaged Spanish relations during the divorce crisis
    • Scotland
      • Attempted to negotiate a treaty with James Vbut he failed to attend the talks, offending Henry.
        • Henry sent the Duke of  Norfolk  over the border, leading to a successful capture of Solway Moss.
          • James V died of a fever 1 week later
      • Treaty of Greenwich.
        • Tried to get marriage between Edward and Mary, but scots didnt agree, dissolving the treaty.
    • France
      • Field of the cloth of Gold 1520
      • Joined the league of cognac with France, the Pope, Venice and Florence in 1526
      • Treaty of Cambrai 1529 England, France and HRE
    • Ireland
      • Fitzgerald rebellion
        • Due to Henry becoming head of the church
      • Established royal authority in ireland in 1540
        • Turned Ireland into a centralised monarchical state
    • HRE
      • Charles V elected emperor 1519
        • Spain
          • Damaged Spanish relations during the divorce crisis
    • Treaty of London 1518
      • Universal peace treaty with Europe to counter the Ottoman empire


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