Henry VII- Lambert Simnel 1487

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  • Lambert Simnel
    • Legitimacy
      • Pretended to be Earl of Warwick who was still alive in the tower and Henry paraded him
      • Started after false repost of Earl's death spread, some Yorkists weren't convinced and didn't support
      • Was crowned king which added legitimacy
    • Timing
      • Early on in Henry's reign, meaning he hadn't fully established himself yet.
      • Short-lived, lasted from February to June 1487
    • Support
      • Included rival claimants, discontented Yorkists and foreign support
      • Rebels raised army and support of the Irish which could be used a launching pad for foreign help
      • Margaret of Burgundy used money and power to gain troops and got 2,000 German mercenaries led by Martin Schwartz
      • Henry Percy didn't stop army from marching through his land.
      • Irish nobility like Kildare didn't accompany army and waited in Ireland
    • Resources and Military Help
      • Rebels were 8,000 compared to Henry's 12,000-15,000
      • May 8th- Henry arrived at Warwickshire and made Kenilworth  Castle his base
      • In Dublin May 24, Simnel was crowned King Edward VI
      • Henry percy didn't stop rebels from marching through his land
    • Outcome of Threat
      • Rebels faced no resistance through march but gained no support even in North
      • Nobles liked stability offered by Henry, eg Earl of Surrey who had fought for Richard III failed to join
      • Henry led battle himself and his defeat was seen as god keeping the rightful king
      • Removed Lovell and de la Pole and issued 28 Acts of Attainment
      • Easily defeated but very dangerous as Henry needed to raise army and was present in battle


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