Henry vii and succession

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  • Henry VII and succession
    • Lambert Simnel
      • Lambert Simnel pretended to be Edward, Earl of Warwick
      • Simnel was welcomed in Ireland by the Earl of Kildare and was crowned King of England
      • Although the real Earl of Warwick was alive, a rebellion erupted
      • The rebels, led by the Earl of Lincoln fought Henry's forces at the Battle of Stoke in 1487
      • Several leading Yorkists were killed and Simnel was arrested. Henry VII capitalized of the death of leading Yorkists and gained oath of loyalties
    • Perkin Warbeck
      • Pretended to be Richard, Duke of York who had disappeared in 1453
      • In 1497, Warbeck allied himself with King James IV, this is called the Truce of Ayton
      • Warbeck landed in England and tried to gather support.
      • He was executed in 1499 along with Edward, Earl of Warwick.
    • Edmund de la Pole
      • Unlike Simnel and Warbeck, De la Pole actually had a claim to the throne.
      • He had grievances against Henry  VII including losing some land to the crown,paying 5,000 in relief and being demoted from duke to earl.
      • Henry had arrested some of his family and friends
      • Agreed not to execute however after some staying in the tower he was executed in 1513


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