science- heat and temperature

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  • joules (j)
    • heat
      • degrees celsuis(0c)
        • the units for measuring energy
      • temperature
        • how hot or cold something is
        • heat energy and temperature are not the same thing
      • thermal enrgey
        • another name for heat energy
          • heat energy always flows from a hot to a cold object
        • the amount of heat energy depends on
          • it's temperature
          • it's material
          • it's mass
      • transferred
        • moving between two objects
      • conductors and insulators
        • metals are the best conductors
        • some other good conductors are - metal and foil
          • bad conductors are called- insulators
            • some good insulators are - wool, plastic, wood, paper, air
              • insulation is the process of stopping heat escaping
      • when solids  get hot the particles in them  vibrate
        • when a liquid gets hot it expands
      • radiation
        • is when heat is not conducted
          • radiation is when a hot object gives of infrared radiation
            • this is given off as heat waves
              • dark ojects absorb more radiation than light coloured objects
          • heat waves are reflected by light coloured objects
      • convection
        • convection transfer can only happen in liquids
          • when particles get hot they gain energy causing them to move around
            • the cold particles have less energy so they are more dense
              • cold particles= more dense
                • meaning they sink
              • the movement of cold and hot particles set up convection currents
            • hotter particles= less dense
              • meaning they rise
    • the units for measuring energy


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