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    • 8L
      • Compass has magnet which attracts to poles of the Earth
      • Electromagnet is iron with coil around it
        • Magnet created when electricity passed through the coil
        • Can be turned on/off by stopping electricity
        • To increase strength you increase turns on coil/increase strength of current
    • 8K
      • When candle burnt in front of glass, we see candle behind glass as well because light reflects and goes through glass.
      • Sound created by vibration. Each sound creates different frequency
        • Less air = higher pitch because less air to vibrate.
    • 8E/G
      • Atom = Single particle
        • molecule = two or more atoms joined together
          • Element = made of only 1 type of atom
          • compound = different types of element
        • Air is a mixture as elements not chemically bonded
      • Distillation - raising the temperature of a substance so that one part of it boils (removed as a gas) and the other stays as a liquid.
        • E.G. Alcohol and water (alcohol boils at lower temp than water
      • Chromatography
        • substances that are more soluble travel further up special paper called chromatography paper, so they are separated
    • 8J
      • pressure=force/area
        • use formula triangle to rearrange
          • force   pressure area
      • Turning moment=force * distance
        • if a beam is balancing on a pivot, the force *distance on the left = the force * distance on the right
          • a pivot is the point at which a lever moves.
          • D1*F1 = D2*F2
            • D = distance from pivot to object               F= force labelled "N".
    • 8H
      • Order of things from the centre of the earth to space : learn
        • inner core        outer core       mantle             crust               troposhere       stratosphere   mesosphere   thermosphere
      • a rock squashes to become sedimentary, is heated to become metamorphic, and is spewed from a volcano to become igneous. THIS IS THE ROCK CYCLE
        • Limestone is formed from old sea shells. It has been squashed, so is sedimentary
          • It contains calcium carbonate, which reacts with hydrochloric acid
            • Calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid -> calcium chloride + carbon dioxide + water
              • CaCO3 + 2HCl -> CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O


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