Health and Human Rights

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  • Health Human Rights + Intervention
    • Human Development, Traditionally measured by GDP, now HPI used
    • Education; is central to economic development
    • Algeria vs DRC
    • Determinants of life expectancy
      • Wider - occupation, education, income
      • Lifestyle - smoking, diet, alcohol, drugs
      • Preventative healthcare- immunisation
    • North/South Divide of the UK
    • Australia, Aboriginals vs Normal
    • totalitarian regimes are run by elites with low levels of spending on education and health
    • MDGs move to SDGs
    • UDHR, Russia, South Africa didn't sign
    • ECHR, enforceable by law
    • Singaore economy over human rights to develop
    • Index of corruption, Somalia-last, Denmark-first
    • Post colonial states groups (gender ethnicity) have fewer rights (ATSI)
    • Geopolitical Interventions
      • Development Aid, Trade Embargoes, Military Aid, Military Action.
      • Measuring success, Health, life expectancy, education levels, gender equality, freedom of speech, success of refugee management, GDP per Capita
    • Haiti received development aid in many ways and has become aid dependent
    • Oil in the Niger Delta
    • Ebola = success, Haiti=failure
    • USA- JOrdon Airbase, Colombia,
    • China in Africa
    • IRAQ war = faliure, SYRIA = success against weapons (chemical and biological)


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