Health and social care unit 2/4 barriers mind map

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  • Barriers
    • Geographical
      • Where people and the resources they need to get to physically are
      • If they live far away.
      • If there are road works
      • If travel is too expensive
    • Financial
      • When charges and fees put off those who do not have money to pay for the services they need.
      • Lack of money
      • Too expensive
      • Not entitled to pay for the service
      • Charges and fees
      • Local authority or health authority cannot afford the service
    • Resource
      • Barriers when there are staff shortages leading to other shortages.
      • Lack of space available
      • Lack of staff
      • Lack of money
      • Lack of information about services
    • Psychological
      • When a service user is too scared or worried to access a service.
      • Fear of hospitals
      • Fear of losing independence
      • Fear of change
      • Pride
      • Not wanting to be looked after.
      • Stigma associated with some services.
      • Mental health services
    • Physical
      • Barriers that include inadequate access to buildings or in buildings for service users with poor mobility or low strength.
      • No lifts
      • Narrow doorways
      • Toilets that are unsuitable for people with disabilities.
      • Lack of ramps
      • No place to leave equipment
    • Language and cultural
      • When people of a different culture or who speak a different language cannot communicate with the service.
      • Difficulties in using English
      • If no one speaks the clients language.
      • If jargon, dialect or slang causes confusion.


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