health and the people

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  • Health and people c1000
    • Ancient Greece
      • Hippocrates
        • Surgery and anatomy
        • Hippocrates and his followers wrote the Hippocratic Corpus which was the first detailed list of symptoms and treatments. They were used for many centuries.
        • Doctor and teacher of doctors on the island of Cos
        • Encouraged natural treatments
        • Believed the body contained four humours; blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. The body was healthy when they were balanced and it would release the excess when they were unbalanced. They were linked with the seasons.
        • Observed and monitored patients before treating them-this is still done today. Doctors also swear the Hippocratic oath regarding patient confidentiality and treatment of the sick.
    • Roman Empire
      • Galen
        • Dissected animals togain a better understanding of the body, but wrongly assumed that the human body was the same.
        • Observed human skeletons
        • He wrote books combining Greek ideas with his own. These became the basis of medical teaching for the next 1500 years. Nobody questioned them.
        • He proved that the brain controls the body
        • He made discoveries about the nervous system and anatomy of animals
          • Balanced humours with 'opposites'
        • He made public demonstration


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