Public Health

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  • Public Health from 1800's
    • Edwin Chadwick wrote a report in 1842, public health is worse than it's ever been
      • So..
        • Public Health Act 1848
        • Public Health Act 1875
          • By 1900 people were living longer, healthier lives
            • Public Health Act 1848
    • The work of John Snow
      • He proved that clean water was the reason for the spread of cholera but nothing was done
      • Many scientists still clung on to the theory of miasma (Flemming's theory was still not published)
    • The Great Stink
      • The summers of 1858 was very hot and dry meaning there wasn't much rainfall, meaning the smell form the river got worse!
      • Sewers
      • Soap
      • Lavatories
    • National Health Service
      • July, 1948
      • Everyone got free treatment


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