Health and Disease

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  • Health and Disease
    • Health is the state of physical and mental wellbeing. Diseases are often responsible for causing ill health.
    • There are 2 types of diseases:  Communicable are those that can spread from person to person. Non-Communicable are those that cannot spread.
    • Cardiovascular Disease
      • A term used to describe diseases of the heart or blood vessels.
      • Coronary heart disease is when the coronary arteries get blocked. Stents are tubes that keep arteries open. Stents are a way of lowering the risk of a heart attack but there is a lot of complications during and after surgery.
      • Cholesterol is an essential lipid that your body produces in order to function properly. Too much can cause health problems. Statins are drugs that reduce the amount of cholesterol present.
    • Sometimes diseases can interact and cause other physical and mental health issues that don't immediately seem related.
    • There are plenty of factors that also affect your health. Some of these factors include: 1)Whether you have a good, balanced diet. 2) Being constantly under stress can lead to health issues. 3) The situation that you live in.


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