diet and exercise

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diet and exercise


  • keep the body healthy
  • carbohydrates are a source of energy for life processess
  • fats are a source of energy for life processess and to make cell membranes and to insulate our bodies
  • proteins give growth and repair and rebuilding cells
  • mineral irons and vitamins help regulate the metabolism in small amounts for healthy functioning of the body
  • metabolic rate= respiration is a chemical reaction that allows cells to release energy from food


  • too little food can leave a person underwieght and ill health
  • too much food and little exercise can leave a person overwieght and ill health
  • an imbalanced diet causes a person to become malnourished eg: too much food=overwight      too little food=underwieght
  • a poor diet may also lead to deficiency diseases eg: too little vitamin D leads to rickets which affects the proper growth of the skeleton
  • if someones diet consists of food with a lower energy content then the amount of energy their body uses, the person will lose body mass
  • the metabolic rate is affected by the proportion of muscle to fat in the body and amount of exercise and other physical activity


it is important to have an equal balance of each food groups for a balanced diet and to do plenty of exercise. factors that affected health include inherited factors eg: the cholesterol leverl in the blood can affect health. cholesterol is made in the liver and is neededfor healthly cell memberanes. however, too much cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of heart disease and diseased arteries


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