Hans's Phobias

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  • Hans's Phobias
    • Fear of Horses
      • Hans heard his father tell his sister not to touch a horse or it would bite her
        • Hans linked this to his fear of castration, as his mother told him that if he played with his penis she would cut it off
          • Hans saw women as evidence of castration
      • The blinkers of a horse represented Hans's father's glasses, and the black around the mouth represented his mustache
        • "Don't trot away from me daddy"
    • Fear of baths
      • Started around the time Hans's sister was born - when Hans was about 3 and a half
        • Hans watched his sister being given a bath by his mother - he wished she'd drop her
          • This created anxiety as he  felt guilty for wishing his mother would drop his sister and was scared his mother would drop him as punishment for thinking it
      • Baths represented his mother's womb and his anxiety over childbirth
    • Horse and cart phobia
      • Hans saw a horse and cart fall over - he thought the horse was dead
        • The horse was associated with his father and he wished his father was dead so he could have his mother for himself
          • Seeing the  horse increased his anxiety
    • Lumf
      • Hans became obsessed with his bowel movements
        • They represented childbirth
        • Lumf also represented laden carts
    • Criminal fantasies
      • Hans had a dream that him and his father were on a train and they broke a window
        • This represents Hans wanting to do something forbidden to his mother that his father is also doing
    • The giraffe dream
      • Hans had a dream that there were two giraffes - one big and one crumpled, Hans took the crumpled one away from the big one and sat on it, the big one started crying out.
        • The big giraffe represents his father and the crumpled one represents his mother - Hans wants to take his mother away from his father


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