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  • Freud
    • Aim
      • Theoretical
        • Provide evidence to support Freud's psychodynamic theory
      • Theraputic
        • To cure Hans of his phobia (castration anxiety)
    • Method/ Participants
      • Case study
        • In depth as over a long period of time
      • Action research
        • Freud attempted to develop psychodynamic theory
      • Hans was 3 at start of study when his phobia of horses was first reported
    • Procedure
      • Hans father wrote to Freud describing Freuds behaviour
        • Freud wrote back his interpretations
        • Max Graf was a Freud supporter and member of psychoanalytic theory
    • Results
      • Horse phobia
        • Hans was scared of white horses with blinkers on there eyes
        • Freuds interpretation
          • Horse represented his father who had white hair and his glasses represented the blinkers
            • Therefore Hans phobia of horses was his fear of castration from his father
        • Other interpretation
          • Hans had heard a father tell his daughter that white horses bite and to be careful of them
      • Bath phobia
        • Hans saw his mum washing his sister and wished she would let her drown
        • Freud's interpretation
          • Scared his mum loved him more than his sister
        • Other interpretation
          • Hans had moved to the big bath and was scared
      • Giraffe fantasy
        • Hans dreamed he took a crumpled giraffe away from a tall giraffe, the tall giraffe called out so he sat on the crumpled giraffe
        • Other interpretation
          • Hans had been to the zoo alot
      • First encounter with hans
        • Hans asked his mum to "powder his waddler" she said it was inapropriate and the doctor would chop it off if he said it again
      • Parenting fantasy
        • Hans dreamed he married his mum and had children, his father was his grandfathers children
          • Freud's interpretation
            • End of Hans' anxieties as considered his father as his equal
          • Other interpretation
            • Hans wants to be an adult
    • Conclusion
      • Therapeutically
        • Hans phobias were resolved through interviews observations and dream interpretations
      • Theoreticall
        • Argued Hans was experiencing the Oedipus complex
    • Leading questions
      • When the horse fell down did you think of daddy


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