Music:George Frideric Handel- "And the Glory of the Lord"

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  • Handel: "And the Glory of the Lord"
    • Context
      • Oratoris- sacred opera with no acting
    • Instumentation
      • 4 part chorus (SATB)
      • 2 Violins, Viola (often doubling voices)
      • Basso Continuo (Organ and Cello)
    • Tonality
      • 1) 'And the Glory, the Glory of the Lord'
        • Outlines A Major triad and ends with stepwise scale. Syllabic word setting
      • 2) 'Shall be revealed'
        • Two bar descending sequence.
        • Melismatic setting of first two syllables of 'revealed'
      • 3) 'And all Flesh shall see it together'
        • 3 repititions of the A-E scale
      • 4) 'For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it'
        • Dotted minim repeated notes emphasise the conviction of these words
    • Texture
      • Homophonic (bar 33-38)
      • Imitative polyphony (bar 18-22)
      • Double counterpoint- two seperate melodies at the same time (bar 84-88)
    • Metre and Rhythm
      • 3/4 time signature maiintained throughout
      • Regular hemiolas before cadences (are accented as
    • Tempo
      • Constant throughout (Allegro) until Adagio in last bars- a common occurance in Baroque music


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