Spanish Cinema Context

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  • Spanish Cinema Context
    • Civil war - Francoist Spain vs Nationalist Spain (1936-1979)
      • Film used for propaganda from both sides of the civil war.
      • High censorship in films, many films banned, dubbing was obligatory due to unsuitability for Catholic community.
      • Spanish filmmakers struggled to make international impact, yet many (along with directors) complied so as not to lose money.
      • Melodrama became popular - dramatizing propaganda videos.
      • Franco banned many films because of the unsuitable content for Catholic people.
    • 1960's - 'New Spanish Cinema'
      • 'Self-inspecting cinema'
      • Challenging controversialist themes
      • Contained controversial opinions about the government.
    • 1975 (post Franco) - 'La Modiva Madrilena'
      • Counter-cultural movement during the transition of Spain from Francoist to democratic, constitutional monarchy.
      • Fresh, new sexiness,
      • Toyed with before taboo themes of sex, ****, nakedness and affairs.
      • Challenged gender roles
    • Recovery of Spanish cinema.
      • Spanish government supporting local film production and cinemas.
      • Assurance of funding from national television stations.
      • Screening award winning Spanish films again for profit.
      • English language spoken in some films to open up target market.


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