Group Aggression

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  • Group Aggression
    • War
      • Chagnon
        • Battle success gives warriors status
          • Attractive to women
            • Most young men who killed were married
        • Yanomamo were constantly fighting for access to women
          • Reductionist
          • Evolutionary psych
      • Pinker
        • In WW2, Germans invading eastern Europe carried out systematic ****
        • Wars are still fought to gain access to women
        • >20,000 Muslim women were ****d during religious attacks in Bosnia
          • Aim to impregnate
      • Wrangham
        • Adaptive self deception
          • Incompetanceis the result of deceiving themselves into believing they can win
            • Is only adaptive if they win more often than lose
          • Positive illusions about winning improve success through improved cohesion
            • Not signalling weakness
    • Sports
      • The Haka
        • Intimidates opponents
        • Deceives by not signalling weakness
        • Displays attractive behaviour
          • Ability to provide
      • Maxwell &  Viscek
        • 140 rugby players
          • High professionals = more emphasis on winning than playing fair
            • More likely to use unsanctioned aggression
              • Learned how to execute illegal moves without detection
                • Cheating increases chance of victory


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