A2 Psychology (AQA) - Studies for Aggression (SLT)

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Social Learning Theory

Bandura (1961) group of children between 3 and 5 years old. Half were exposed to adults behaving aggressively with a bobo doll, the other half were exposed to non-aggressive models who didn't attack the doll.
The aggressive model displayed physical and verbal aggression towards the doll, i.e. hitting it, and saying 'POW'. Children were then shown attractive toys that they weren't allowed to play with, to frustrate them. They were then placed in a room with a obo doll, and other toys. Children in the aggression condition reproduced a lot of the physical and verbal aggression. Children in the non-aggression group displayed virtually no aggression towards it. About 1/3 of the children in the aggression group repeated the verbal aggression, while none in the non-aggressive group made verbal remarks. The boys were more physically aggressive, but verbal aggression was the same.
-unethical- this could impact on childrens learning, these children could now be permanently more aggressive.

Bandura and Walters (1961) another


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