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  • Great Expectations- themes
    • Growing up
      • It is external factors, that define who Pip becomes
      • Pip grows into a better man, selfless man.
        • " I cried in good earnest... that my expectations had done somthing good to somebody"
          • (This shows a turning point in Pip's life, he's realised the source of happiness, isnt wealth but kindness and love)
        • he said: I wanted to make Joe less ignorant and common"
      • We see a change in MH charcter, she soon realises her mistakes
        • " Break his heart"
        • " That there is anything human in my heart"
        • " Show you that I am not all stone"
      • His attitude towards Magwitch shows his change
        • "awfully hungry"(ealier)
        • " He ate in a revenous way.. greedy"
    • Crime and law
    • Social class and society
      • What makes someone a gentleman in a big question
        • Is it ill-mannered, "slugish" Drummel, due to his wealth
        • Or "simple", "sweet tounge" Joe
      • Was it fair that Compeyson, was allowed off with the same crime as Magwitch?
      • When is Pip most favourable- when he is wealthy or kind ?
    • Love
      • There are two types of love explored, unrequited love and mutual
        • There is an unrequited love, when Pip is infactuated by Estella and her "beauty'.He does this at the cost of Biddy, Pip never marries
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    • Expectations
      • + The idea of GREAT, is a play on words. Great is a homophone. It could be impliying that Pip's expectations seem great, in a wonderful way, but it could be that "great" simply means too big
      • Dickens had many lower class readers, and he had lived poor himself. He could use this idea, to show them that sometimes striving to 'better' yourself, isnt a good thing. That you should be content with yourself.
      • Pip's expectations of being a gentleman, both from himself and from society
        • I want to be a gentleman
        • I want to make Joe less ignorant and common (Ironic)
        • Ashamed of home
      • Pip also has expectations of Estella falling in love with him, which causes him a lot of pain. Are expectaions good?
        • "Like a dog is disgrace"
      • Miss Havisham had expectations of love, and once she was "jilted at the alter", she never recovered. So having expectations can be a bad thing
        • "Broken heart"
        • "Day after day after terrible day"
        • "You think you will die"
        • "Jilted"
        • She seeks a twisted revenge
      • Orlick had ambition of becoming an apprentiship to Joe, once his expectations were desclined he became angry and bitter
      • Other charcters, such as Joe, only aim to be the best person they can be. The charcter of Joe is admirable.
        • One is a "black smith... copper smith.... goldsmith. Diwisions along such must come"- (this shows how Joe is content. He uses a very complex metaphor here, and it shows his intelligence and wisdow, so clears knowledge isnt from wealth
    • Control
      • Control is shown by Miss H to Estella.
        • " I stole her heart away and put ice in it's place"
        • "It was a part of Miss Havisham's plan for me Pip"
        • " I am what you have made"
      • Mrs Joe controls Pip
        • Dickens uses a list to show this when Mrs Joe is preparing Pip for his visit at Satis house,  I was "squeezed", "kneeded.. towelled... thumped and harrowed and rasped"
        • She concluded by throwing me
        • she "fished me up"
      • Control is shown from Miss Havisham and Estella to Pip, they munipulate him
        • "Love her, love her, love her... if she wounds you love her"
          • "Wait her boy"
        • "Tear came to my eye... the girl looked at me with quick delight, having been the cause of them"
        • " I cried.. kicked the wall,,, and took a hard twist at my hair"


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