INF Treaty

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  • Gorbachev and Reagan's changing relationship
    • INF Treaty
      • Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty - an Arms reduction treaty.
      • Signed in Washington, December 1987.
      • Eliminated all nuclear missiles with a range of 500-5500 kilometres (310-3400 miles).
      • The 1st treaty to reduce the number of nuclear missiles for both superpowers.
      • Went further than SALT I which only limited the nuclear stockpiles.
    • Why Gorbachev signed the treaty
      • He realised that nuclear weapons were expensive but did nothing for Soviet security.
      • Reagan persuaded Gorbachev that the USA had no intention of invading the USSR.
      • Realised that the Soviet economy would never recover if money was being spent on nuclear weapons.
      • He believed disarmament would win him popularity in the West.
        • More profitable trade deals between the USSR and West.
      • Believed economic and political measures would be better in ensuring Russia's security rather than military strength.


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