New thinking and the INF Treaty

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  • New thinking and the INF  Treaty
    • Gorbachev as a leader
      • Recognised that the economy was failing
      • Recognised that the Soviet people were unhappy and distrustful of government
      • Brought in glasnost   (openness), meant more freedom for people to say what they really thought
      • Foreign relations changed - more open and positive
      • Desperate to get the Soviet Union out of the war in Afghanistan
      • Was very slow to allow democratic elections in Soviet Union
      • Tried to cover up the massive nuclear accident in Chernobyl
      • Did not want capitalism, just a stronger socialism
      • Never planned to cause end of Soviet Union
      • Brought in perestroika (restructuring), meant new ways of doing things
    • Reykjavik, Oct 1986
      • Reagan and Gorbachev said they would work to cut down the number of nuclear weapons they had
      • Gorbachev wanted an end to Reagan's Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) - Reagan's plan to have satellites in space to destroy nuclear weapons, Reagan didn't agree to this
    • INF Treaty, Dec 1987
      • Diplomats continued the discussions from Reykjavik and came up with the INF treaty, signed in Washington
      • INF stood for Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces - nuclear weapons with a 500-5500 km range
      • Got rid of all 500-5500 km nuclear missiles each superpower had - better than SALT 1
      • Largely applied to Europe, where most of these missiles were deployed


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