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Channel 517
25th September
Tsunami Strikes Again Today's Top
This natural occurrence hits... this is Theodicy's
believed by some people to have been Pain is...
created by God, but why would he do this?
Others just see it as nature taking it's
course. >a test of faith
>an education for our souls
Watch live now! >there to help us appreciate
The problem of evil with Desmond Tutu.
>God's will
Today ­ the inconsistent triad shows us that God is omnipotent, >the result of free will
omnibenevolent and omniscient, and yet there is evil and
>caused by the devil
suffering in our world?! This is the problem created for religious
believers. Our reporter will be asking Mr Tutu for his opinion on
the matter in hand.
More News: child in by hit and run | more starving in Africa | killer found innocent |…read more

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Worship Weekly
This week: why is suffering unfair?
·Wrong place, wrong time. Raging Husband Kills
Innocent Wife...
·Innocent people suffer.
Ella Smith from Harrogate was
·People who are unable to defend themselves murdered early this morning by her
usually kind and sweet husband.
Her mother (a Christian) reports; `I
·Bad thing happen to good people. cannot believe one human being
would do this to another, I know God
·People who believe in God suffer, whereas gave us free will, but he also gave us
people who don't, don't suffer. knowledge to understand what we
should do with that. He gave us
morals, therefore moral evil should
not even exist!'
Buddhist Blog ­ Buddhists are very careful about how they act.
Samsara (is Sanskrit for `to cycle' or `go round') is the process of rebirth. Until enlighten is achieved, a person is
reborn until they behave correctly on earth. As a result, Buddhists believe that all their actions have consequences.
If they behave badly, they have a bad rebirth. But if they behave well, they have a good rebirth, which results in
happiness. This is called Karma, a.k.a. `the law of actions and consequences'...…read more

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Reverend 1939 hero
Sykes Billionaire
sells war sends
supports medals to
those who £5m to
help the Africa
are dying suffering
How 3yr Oxfam Full time
old Annie team build worker
is coping new gives up
with her housing in job to do
Mother's Mexico charity
death work
Does suffering serve any purpose?
Post your opinion on our forum.
·Learn from mistakes ·After natural evil has occurred, others who ·It helps people appreciate the good
·Prove a point didn't suffer, may be benefitted in their lives
·Testing our faith in God ·The purpose of moral evil is intention ·Creates justice
Quote of the day ­ "God knows what's best"…read more


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