Baris Melampahan: Gong

Here are 10 points that can be twisted to answer the Applied question(s) for the Edexcel A2 music set work (2013) - Baris Melampahan (Gong).

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  • Baris Melampahan
    • All the instruments are percussion (you hit them) - march-like.
    • Instruments come as a set and are 'sacred'. There are strict rules e.g. you cannot step over the instruments.
    • Last beat of the bar is emphasised i.e. the 6 with a circle around it (circle means to be played on the Gong).
    • Pelog scale  - a 5 note scale. Pelog comes from the word pelag meaning 'fine' or 'beautiful;.
    • Has a strong beat - 8 beats to a bar making it suitable to march to.
    • Instruments made from types of metals - like warriors armour.
    • Contrasting section (loud and quiet) e.g. loud angsel section and quiet 'usual tune' - could reflect high's and lows of war.
    • Music would have been passed down from generation to generation - aural tradition
    • The music has a set 'seqeuce' or order.
    • Each instrument has its own very specific purpose e.g. the gong is to emphasise the end of each bar or section - could represent different roles of soldiers in war.


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