Goldstein (1988)

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  • Goldstein (1988)
    • Aims
      • - to see if there are any gender differences with regard to the re-hospitalisation of people with schizophrenia and to the length of their hospital stays
      • - to consider social factors, mainly factors present before diagnosis, to see if they had an impact on the course of the illness
      • - to look at DSM II and DSM III diagnosis to see if there were any differences and to test the DSM for reliability and validity
    • Procedure
      • the study used the DSM III to look at gender differences in schizophrenic patients who were in the early stages of the disorder and were followed for 10 years
      • 199 patients were chosen
        • had a hospital diagnosis of schizophrenia
        • had a hospital stay of less than 6 months
        • had no other mental health issues
        • had no drug or alcohol misuse
        • aged 18-45
      • patients were diagnosed again using DSM III
        • out of 199, 169 fit the criteria of DSM III for schizophrenia
          • out of 169, 90 people were chosen
            • first time admissions
            • those who had had 1 previous hospitalisation
            • the mean age of the sample was 24
            • all had a high level of education
      • gathered information using interviews and questionnaires
        • symptoms: characteristics of the schizophrenia
        • premorbid functioning: isolation, peer relationships and interests from the age of 6 to 20
        • course of the illness: operationalised by the number of re-hospitalisationand lengths of stay in hospital, with data being obtained over a 10 year period
    • Results
      • schizophrenic women had a  significantly lower number if re-hospitalisations and shorter stays in hospital than men
      • number of re-hospitalisations
        • men: 2.24
        • women: 1.12
      • lengths of hospital stay (days)
        • men: 417.83
        • women: 206.81
    • Conclusions
      • females with schizophreniaexperienced fewer re-hospitalisations and shorter lengths of stay over a 5 and 10 year period than males
      • gender differences seemed to start early in the disorder


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