Ayer Summary

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  • God-Talk is evidently meaningless
    • Religious Langauge and Proof
      • Logical Positivism
        • Humanist movement/ empirical hypothesis/ not analytical preposition
      • Proof
        • A posteriori Synthetic/ Logical necessities (tautlogy)/ Ontological (kant on predicate)/evolut.
      • Theists/Athiests
        • Regularity in nature (hume critic of design), Transcendent god does not exist = nonsensical/Paley
    • Morality and Science
      • No way of testing Morality
        • Outside scope of testing/Hurrah Booh Theory/Pseudo propsitions
      • Emotivism
        • MacIntyre/Simply gives emotional preferences not facts
      • Only statements of logic can be analysed
        • Dawkins/Empirical data/ HOWEVER - Dawkins God as sceintific hypothetis = investigatable
    • Mystics
      • Ayers Yellow Patch
        • Patch = verifiable. God = unverifiabl. Goes beyond claiming emotion to claiming knowledge
      • Sense of something transcendent
        • may be real sensation/doesnt mean exists in re/ ontological/ Russel and Coppleston debate.
      • Beyond Experience
        • Non cognitive / Incoherent/ William James (noetic and transient)/Joan of Arc
    • Implications
      • Human Experience
        • Subjectove perceptions/ Intuition (Donovan and Owen)/ Martin Luther King/ Historic Events
      • Morality
        • Life has no mean? Collapse in society (Harris)/ Sharp/Altruism/ Impossible to condemn actions (Hurrah Boo)
      • Religion
        • Creationism unverifiable/ Life after death (hick escatological), Marx , Freud, religion = illness and in mind


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