Meta Ethics- Emotivism

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  • Emotivism
    • Strengths
      • Morals are absolute. therefore not easily changed
      • They are meaningful and verifiable as they have meaning to an individual, thus making them verified
    • Criticisms
      • Rachels- I don't like the colour orange is different to saying I don't agree w/ abortion
      • Beliefs aren't universalisable (goes against Kantian ethics)
      • It argues that everyone's opinion is equally valid, thus any action can be justified- regardless of the opinion of others
    • Summary
      • Proposed by Ayer (a logical positivist)- argued ethical statements were just ways of expressing emotion
      • Analytical/ synthetic statements only true statements
      • All statements are meaningless unless they can be verified/ falsified
      • A moral statements is a subjective expression- so saying murder is wrong is a matter of opinion.
      • Stevenson- adapted Ayer by saying that moral statements aren't without reason, instead they are based on beliefs of how the world will work.


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