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  • Globalisation
    • the increased inter-connection in the worlds economic,cultural and political systems
    • Positives
      • allowed movement of people more easily
      • Increased foreign trade
      • more access to food,services,healthcare etc. all over the world
    • Negatives
      • uncontrolled migration
      • inequality in wealth
      • loss of countries individual cutures
    • began in 19thC as there was the beginning of movement of people and goods
      • increase in independence
      • Increase in trade and spread of industry
      • Beginning of TNCs
      • Globalisation continued in the 20thC and was shaped by a number of factors
        • Emergence of free markets (capitalist economy)
        • Deregulation of world financial markets
        • establishment of the general agreements of tariffs and trade
        • emergence of trade blocks
        • establishment of IMF and the World Bank
        • Development of global marketing and the continuing rise of tncs


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